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Windows 8 hardware specs confirm CTRL+ALT+DEL is reborn

Microsoft’s hardware requirements for Windows 8 devices, including tablets and notebooks, have been detailed, including the rebirth of CTRL+ALT+DEL and how NFC touch-points should be highlighted. Outlined in the recently published Win8 device documentation, Microsoft mandates that tablet PCs and convertible PCs should have at least a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and a […]

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Is Skype the Windows Phone Wildcard?

That Windows Phone lacks a Skype app is, like Apple’s fixation on the word “Magical” and the rampant popularity of Justin Bieber, one of life’s great conundra. Microsoft is desperately seeking “must have” apps to showcase its smartphone platform, and yet it already owns a VoIP company putting out what could legitimately be described as […]

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