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Ouya hits $4m while Pandora device creator pans the idea

This week the meteoric rise of Kickstarter-started Android device Ouya has been the subject of some massive amounts of attention – today the doubts begin. It’s Craig Rothwell, part of the team that created the ill-fated open-source handheld gaming device Pandora. His trip down terror lane with the development and production of both the software […]

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LG rumored to make next Nexus device

As it tries to steam forward and enter its mark in the Android community, LG is apparently gunning to be the manufacturer for Google’s next Nexus phone. The Nexus brand is, of course, the one series of Android phones that Google is heavily involved with and is always on the bleeding edge when it comes […]

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Sony may unveil Windows Phone device at MWC

There’s no shortage of things to be on the lookout for at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but one thing most people haven’t been talking about is that an important company might be taking a walk on the Windows Phone side even though it has been a staunch Android supporter so far. The […]

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