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Tips on being online and what to look for computer security software

The Internet has simplified the way of life. With the ability to keep up with friends and family around the world, buy just about anything, do online banking and even your tax return in just a few keystrokes, the Web has simplified the way we deal with everyday. But along with the amenities, which also […]

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Safeguard Your Privacy in Facebook

Facebook might seem like a “friends and family” network, but can expose your personal information to everyone if you’re not careful. social engineering attacks play an important role in the distribution of malware today. Be smart about what you reveal online. Here’s how to tighten the settings on Facebook to protect your privacy and prevent […]

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How are you able to avoid being a victim of CyberCrime?

The first step is to install anti virus software on your computer, no matter what operating system is running, and make sure Anti virus definitions are updated automatically. Free anti virus software can be downloaded from reputable sources such as CNET. Second, generate a separate administrator account for your computer, and use it only to […]

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