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2016 in Review: What was the Biggest Disappointment this year?

As we enter the final days of the year, it’s time to get your opinion on all the events, news, releases and controversies that we witnessed so far in 2016.

We witnessed plenty of OEMs try out something new this year. Some succeeded, but others failed. In some cases, marketing departments of some companies went into overdrive and puffed up mediocrity in an attempt to attract customers towards otherwise bland products. People were holding their breath too often, only to find out that it was not really worth it.

So, our question to you is,

What was the biggest disappointment of 2016? Which mobile OEM, product, or service were you initially excited for, only to be disappointed in the end? Did you purchase/try the product and come to the conclusion, or were your expectations dashed based on something else? What should have been improved in the product or service, to make it worthy of your money and time?

Let us know in the comments below!


Source: xda-developers.com

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