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Six tips for companies moving into the cloud

Check out the reputation of the service provider: How long have been offering services in the cloud, taking into account that the size is not everything, many large companies are piling into the market, but do not know what they are doing.

The security is key. Really understand how to protect your data needs to be and ask the seller about how they would solve their security problems.

Investigate how the cloud provider backs up your data, how data can be moved to another provider, and what happens if the supplier goes out of business.

Work hard to get a service level agreement with clear good financial penalties to ensure a good service.

Beware of industry certifications, as it captures a moment in time. Do your own research on how the provider is performing?

Finally, test the service. The beauty of cloud computing is that it is easy to turn on and off. Obviously do not start
your adventure with the tag sensitive data or mission-critical systems, but if the service works for you, you can expand.



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