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5 Tips for Email Security in small company

Staff training to avoid risk behaviors is the first step, but there are other practical measures to improve the security of e-mail:

Implement an archiving system that can recognize email that is consistent with your corporate culture, regulatory requirements and industry.

Specify the policies and controls on what can be stored on users’ desktops and laptops, so you can monitor and protect critical data. In addition, train network administrators to enforce policies, giving them the tools to do.

Ensure that all key departments within your organization, such as legal, IT and human resources, understand policies, they are forced to sign the e-mail filtering, storage, retrieval and analysis of policies.

Keep the big picture in mind. Keeping in tune with how the threats and solutions are evolving threats, better prepares you to identify problem areas for your business and take the necessary measures to protect against them. If you do not think you have the time to control these threats, they rely on a trusted technology partner to do so. And remember – the investment is worth.

Can not be said enough to educate company staff. Teaching them how to prevent viruses and worms spread through email attachments and phishing, you’re investing in your organization the general welfare. Ensure that all employees are trained in anti-spam or opening emails from unknown senders. To reiterate this policy frequently. Do your research. Talk to other small companies and see what is and what does not work for them. Get your budget approved and get the job done – no regret.

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